Aerial Platforms

Clerkin Elevation strive to ensure reliability and accessibility with all units inspected and maintained using only the best materials ensuring a high standard of performance. With our advanced hoist fatures we are equipped to provide many services our opposition cannot which includes the Bronto 38-XDT Cage Winch and Camera Cage.

Our new & used hoists include Truck Mounted Hoists from a working height of 27m to 90m and and our Spider Hoists range from 23m to 42m. Units are built to combine the best possible height and weight ratio with maximum stability. Available in Ireland & the UK. All of our units are manufactured and purchased from first-rate manufacturers representing the latest in technology.

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Truck Mounted MEWPS


Ruthmann TB270

  • Working Height27m
  • Lateral outreach16.4m
  • Short vehicle length6.86m
  • Cage capacity 230kg
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    Ruthmann T330

  • Working height33m
  • Lateral outreach21.2kg
  • Vehicle length8.79m
  • Cage capacity320kg
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    Bronto S38 XDT

  • Working height38m
  • Lateral outreach27m
  • Vehicle length10m
  • Cage capacity700kg
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    Ruthmann T480

    Ruthmann T480

  • Working height48m
  • Lateral outreach32m
  • Vehicle length10.36m
  • Cage capacity600kg
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    Ruthmann T570HF

    Ruthmann T570HF

  • Working height57m
  • Lateral outreach41m
  • Vehicle length11.90m
  • Cage capacity600kg
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    Ruthmann T720

    Ruthmann T720

  • Working height72m
  • Lateral outreach38m
  • Vehicle length13.76m
  • Cage capacity600kg
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    Bronto S90HLA


  • Working height90m
  • Lateral outreach32.6m
  • Vehicle length15.6m
  • Max cage load700kg
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    Spider MEWPS

    Teupen leo 23T

    Teupen LEO 23T

  • Working height23.2m
  • Vehicle length6.2m
  • Platform capacity250kg
  • Vehicle height1.99m
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    Teupen Leo 30T

  • Working height30m
  • Lateral outreach (80kg)15.7m
  • Lateral outreach (200kg)14m
  • Cage capacity200kg
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    Omme 4200RBDJ

    Ommelift 4200RBDJ

  • Working height42m
  • Vehicle height1.99m
  • Vehicle length8.90m
  • Max. basket load200kg
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